Condoors Security has been an established family business since 1989.  Well known through out  Fresno County we provide good, quality service and work for our customers. We give out reasonable prices to try to keep you within your budget. Everything is custom made to fit your home. We custom make Security Doors that includes Patio Doors and French Doors, Gates, Fences, Railings, Windows and Enclosures. If you need something different, or custom made for a certain kind of project we can help make it happen. If you need something welded, or repaired come bring it by. If you have a certain design that you came up with, something that catches your eye, bring it by and we will work with you.


Everything single picture is an actual job done by Condoors and these are just the few picture from the years o work around Fresno.

Beautify Your Home.. 

         We do Folding Gates as well.

Protect Your Home ...